Dura-Slatt Specifications

Dura-Slatt Specifications

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DuraSlatt fiberglass fillerstrips, as manufactured by FRP SYSTEMS,for use as screening in chain link fencing shall
be fabricated from a durable, semi-rigid fiberglass reinforced plastic composed of glass fiber reinforcements, high quality polyester resins, pigments and fillers. The strips are to be installed ~, as per manufacturer's recommendations
and are to be securely fastened in the fence by means of ~. They are to be .06" nominal thickness, ~
nominal width and ~ nominal length. Color is to be ~, or as selected by the owner.

(1). Horizontally - Vertically - Diagonally - Horizontally and Vertically - Horizontally and Diagonally - Double

(2). 1 piece Nylon Rivets - Aluminum Pop Rivets.

(3). For 9 ga. 2" mesh fabric: Horizontal width is 1.20" Vertical t r 1.06" Diagonal r r 1.75"
Note: For 1-3/4" Tennis court mesh, use 1.06" width for horizontal strips.

(4). Standard horizontal length is 96". Length of vertical and diagonal strips wilr vary with the height and
mesh of the fabric. Consult manufacturer for additional details.

(5). Colors can be selected from the standard colors offered by the manufacturer. Custom colors are available. Strips can also be painted to match almost any color. Heavy duty industrial alkyd enamel is used to assure color stability and fade-resistance.


Flexural Strength 12,000psi
Flexural Modulus 1.0X 106 psi
Tensile Strength 8,000 psi
Tensile Modulus 1.0X 106 psi
Compression Strength 2,000 psi
Flame Spread less than 200
Ignition Point 750-8000 F